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Research #5 : Newly designed website

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After evaluating the current SAVH’s website, I have come out with a new design for the website.

Instead of using Web 1.0, I have decided to change it to Web 2.0 where the banner of the website changes automatically after a few seconds. For the background, instead of having a blue boring background, I changed it to a background with colorful brailles!

As when you navigate to the another page, the layout remains the same but the banner changes. It shows the message of the day. Also at the bottom left corner of the sidebars, 4 icons are added. The facebook icon, twitter icon, RSS icon and blogger icon. Those icons will link to the particular facebook or whatever pages which are under SAVH.


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February 11, 2011 at 12:27 AM

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Research #4 : Other existing websites related to the topic

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There are quite a number of other existing websites related to the topic, but i have decided to evaluate about this three websites. Firstly, the Blind People’s Association of India. (

  The color scheme used for this website is very simple and the layout is not complicated. Using web 2.0, the banner on top (below the “Blind People’s Association (India) ” ) is able to move. Navigations are straightforward. However, there are no pictures used which makes the website not eye catching.

Secondly,  the Hong Kong Society for the Blind. (

The navigations and contents are clear. Although the website is quite plain, the fonts used are of the correct size as it is big enough for people to read. The design of the website is also much nicer than SAVH’s. The pictures that are being used are colorful and makes the whole website look interesting!

Lastly, Action of the Blind People of the United Kingdom. (

I personally like this color scheme they used for the website. In my opinion, the color the organization used for the website matches very well. The choice of the type of font is correct and the font size is big and clear enough for the readers to read. The important information are placed at the homepage of the website , unlike SAVH’s, whereby we still need to click and figure it out ourselves.

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February 11, 2011 at 12:16 AM

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Research #3 : Evaluation of existing website

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When i first visit the website, I find the website boring and unattractive. It is not able to capture people’s attention. From what we can see, the website is still in web 1.0 ( first stage of web pages with hyperlinks). The colours and design of the current website are dull and boring. Once the user visit the website, he/she won’t stay for long because there is nothing interesting for the user to explore.

Lack of updates for the current website. The website is not being updated often. People might not know what are the events or activities going on in the organisation thus unable to help out in the events.

Wrong choices of colour used. Black font and dark blue background is not a good idea. It is difficult for people to read what are the words. The font are also quite small in size. As for the pictures, it is not constant in size and some of the pictures are being cropped too much.

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January 31, 2011 at 11:34 PM

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Individual Workload

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  •  Poster (Advertisements)
  • Online Campaigns (Integrated with offline)
  • Youtube Channel
  • Presentations

Sheng Lon:

  • Case studies of Campaigns
  • Evaluate other campaigns that has been successful
  • Research how to create successful campaign
  • Offline campaigns

Chia Yin:

  • Evaluate existing website
  • Blog
  • Reasons/Evaluations of blogs
  • Improve facebook page
  • Podcast


  • Evaluation of existing website
  • Website
  • Other existing websites related to the topic
  • Statistics of number of blind people in Singapore
  • Twitter

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January 24, 2011 at 12:28 PM

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Research #2 : Promote the organisation through Twitter

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Since they already have a facebook page. i suggest they can have their own twitter as well.

Updates of upcoming event on twitter

Twitter enables the users to send and read messages which are called tweets. Tweets refer to posts which are of text of 140 characters long that will be displayed on the user’s profile page. Those tweets can be seen by everyone, however the user can restrict message delivery to their followers(which are those people that subscribe to that particular timeline) or private their twitter timeline. They can also show pictures to their followers by sending them the link that contains the picture.

Retweet function

There is this function in Twitter called the “Retweet” function, which means that whatever information that the user tweeted, you can retweet it and it will be shown on your profile and your followers will be able to view it. Your followers are also able to retweet what you just retweeted!

If the organisation creates a twitter, they can post their upcoming events and people can just retweet it. With everyone retweeting that particular tweet, the event will be known to more people and also help promote the organisation to the public.

Reply function

Having a twitter will make things easier as everything will be quite convenient. Even you want to reply to that person’s tweet, you can reply to it on twitter as well. Save time!

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January 21, 2011 at 11:13 PM

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Research #1 : Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped(SAVH)

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Official Website :

Who are they?

– The Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), formerly, known as the Singapore Association for the Blind (SAB), is a voluntary welfare organisation founded in 1951. The association is affliliated to the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and is an approved institution of a public character (IPC).


To help the visually handicapped help themselves.

Our mission to help the visually impaired help themselves by acquiring new skills and gaining self reliance to cope with the integration into society.


SAVH is the national voluntary welfare organisation.

Our vision is to promote the needs, interests and aspirations of the visually impaired.


Their clients :

All vision impaired persons residing in Singapore who are certified blind or low vision by an Ophthalmologist.

Their committee members :

President : Mr Tan Guan Heng*

Vice- President : Mr Khoo Kong Ngian* and Mr Lee Soo Hoon, Phillip

Honorary Secretary : Mr Danny Chia Choon Guan*

Honorary Treasurer : Mr Alfred Shee Peng Fatt

Members :  Mr Adrian Tan Gim Hai , Mr Cheok Cheng Ann*, Ms Chua Swee Keow, Mr Jaffar Sidek Bin Ahmad* and Mr Steven Yeo Kee Peng*

WCC Representative : Ms Ruth Tan*

(* = visually handicapped people)

Using web 1.0 or web 2.0?

– web 1.0

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January 16, 2011 at 8:23 PM

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Ripplewerkz is a design house which offers to help people to develop high quality Web, Blog, Print and Corporate ID.

5 key points :

– Web Design
They create websites that are not only attractive and professional, the most important thing is, what they create suit the client’s business and needs to enable the website to be able to meet the customer’s standards. Web design services includes : blogshops, web applications and many others.

– Blog Design
Ripplewerkz is specialize in both designing of business as well as personal blogs. Not just making your blog look good, it also allows your readers to know you better, to know who you are through the design of the particular blog. Clients of ripplewerkz include popular blogger,Xiaxue and also include mediacorp artiste liek Allan Wu.

– Web Hosting
Ripplewerkz also provide web hosting services which are provided by Vodien. Proven to be Singapore’s best web hosting service since 2002, it provide customers with the best web hosting service.

– Corporate Identity Design
Corporate logo is the most important thing when it comes to establishing a new company or brand. For a good logo, it is suppose to be easy to be recognise. Not only designing of the logo, it also includes design of business cards, letterheads, slide templates and folders.

– Other Services
Ripplewerkz does not only provide this few services, it also provide, website maintenance, professional photography services, search engine optimization, internet marketing and electronic direct mailer.

It provides tools, tips and learning resources to use your blog as an online business, marketing and communications platform.

5 key points :

– Keyword Research
If you are targeting local traffic, most popular “keyword tools” are secondary.

– Internal Linking
By linking the pages on your site correctly, you have already done well!  We need to plan the site well so that we can achieve a good internal linking structure.
– Don’t Make Your Visitors Think
Designs of the web should be onsistent and simple.

– Know Your Purpose
Before crafting the first HTML tag, you have to decide on the purpose of your site.

– Google Webmaster Tools
You should check your account regularly so you will know how your website look like using google.

 3 things that inspired me from this lecture :

– Inspire me to do better in studies.
– Inspire me to be more creative.
– Inspire me to do well in programming.

Do you think its useful to have guest speakers share their expertise, experience and “Tips & Tricks” of the trade?
– Yes. It is useful. It allows me to have a better idea on what I can do after 3 years of my poly life.

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January 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM

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